Monday, June 6, 2011

Saving Fred the fish

What does this have to do with the quest for oneself, and happiness? Just having saved a life, that gives a special feeling, at least being sensitive to life, that is a change from sitting at the restaurant and ordering a grilled fish. Yes, I do eat fish sometimes, but this one had to be saved.

Fred the fish was panting when we saw it, half of its body was out of the water. We decided to try to save it.

As I went to pick up the camera, Pierre-Louis had begun to dig a pool to give more water to Fred.

The pool, getting deeper.

Fred's body was completely tangled in the fishing web and I thought I'd break its fragile fins.

Fred the fish is now free.

It began to swim, and it was actually a very elegant fish.

A local seeing us around a net came, curious, and asked what we were doing, and whether the fish was mine. I just said yes. "How much did you pay for it", he asked. "I forgot, few thousands maybe". He said the fish was good to eat, that I could raise it in an aquarium. I said "it will go back to the sea".

(Fred swimming in his pool)

Which is what we did, I took the fish in my hand, ran to the sea and we let it swim. Here is the video:

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