Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Note to the reader

This is the english version of my one day old blog. There is a french version, for french being my mother tongue. If the will to share sticks to me, I will try to translate it in mandarin for my friends in Taiwan (seems to be a way too ambitious task), any help is more than welcome. I decided to write this blog, about self understanding -with one goal being to better welcome the other's difference- , about love too, about an attempt to built more durable and enjoyable relationships (be it personal, or at work or in a family), because some time ago I parted from a person who meant a lot for me, as I couldn't conceive any durable relationship in the conditions we were living in. These writings and reflections, some inspired or directly borrowed from great people, are the result of what I have learned and realized during about one year of a struggle to find peace and happiness.
I hope this blog helps you, dear reader, to evolve for the good of your entourage, your loved ones and of course for yourself. I personally don't see any dire situation as being unsolvable, or frozen in a permanent state of crisis. I believe in change, and I believe that we all can change if we have the courage to accept ourselves. Accepting the unacceptable, our dark side, the side we reject, the side people would judge unacceptable, this is always the toughest, and this is where courage is required. This is through this that we grow the most. Tough, but possible.

So if your relationship, your job, your life seem to be in a mess, read on, don't despair, you may find some elements of reflection, maybe some embryos of solutions.

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